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Retriever, Disk Duplicator and USB 3.0 HDD DOCKING FOR 3.5IN AND 2.5IN

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Warranty: 365 days

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Your extra hard drives can final

Retriever the best hard drive duplicator

Your extra hard drives can finally be put to good use with this versatile dock. And with no clumsy cover to unscrew or disassemble, your hot-swappable drives are always accessible and well-ventilated, without a noisy fan. With the much faster USB 3.0 interface and stable, compact base, the “Cavalry Dock” is perfect for your home or office desktop computer.

  • Two-bay dock for easy consolidation of storage
  • hot-swappable bays with open design for access and ventilation
  • JBOD
  • USB 3.0 (backwards compatible USB 2.0)
  • transfer rate up to 5 Gbits/sec
  • LED indicators
  • 6.25in x 5 in x 3.l7 in
  • includes power adapter and USB cable